Hair Mesotherapy


Hair mesotherapy is a procedure in which specific chemicals and ingredients are injected into the scalp. These compounds, such as vitamins, co-enzymes, amino acids, and organic silicium, encourage new hair growth. Hair is made up of keratin fibres and amino acids. These compounds work together to improve blood circulation, neutralize excess DHT, reduce inflammation, and promote collagen production. Men can also benefit from hair cocktail.
One of the risks of hair mesotherapy is the potential for negative side effects. Although the procedure is noninvasive, it still requires several sessions. Patients should be aware of the potential side effects and complications and must follow the doctors' instructions. Following the procedure, patients should avoid bathing or showering for at least four days. Water and shampoo will negatively affect the treatment and prolong the healing process. Additionally, sun exposure should be strictly avoided after hair mesotherapy to avoid causing an allergic reaction.
One session is typically 15 to 30 minutes in length. After the first session, a patient should wait four months to see visible results. If a patient is undergoing treatment for hair loss, he or she will need to undergo two to four sessions a year. Once the hair begins to grow, they should see the full benefits of the treatment within a few months. The number of sessions needed varies according to the severity of the problem. For most men, one session every three months is enough. Click here to learn more about bcn hair mesotherapy.
A hair mesotherapy treatment can be an effective solution for alopecia and to strengthen thinning hair. A specialist physician can target the treatment to improve the results. The procedure involves small, painless injections that are effective in restoring the capillary cycle and regenerating hair follicles. While mesotherapy does not require surgical intervention, patients should have the confidence of their doctor and be aware that it is a highly expensive treatment. The doctor must be competent and experienced enough to perform the procedure. This treatment is also sensitive to the skin and should only be performed by doctors with adequate knowledge of dermatology and its effects.
A mesotherapy treatment combines a chemical cocktail with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids into the scalp. The result is a cocktail of nutrients and amino acids that stimulate hair regrowth and stimulates vascularization in the follicle. Because the ingredients are injected directly into the scalp, they don't have to be digested and passed into the bloodstream, hair mesotherapy is safe and effective.
Hair mesotherapy can be applied to the scalp for many different purposes. For example, it can promote hair growth by increasing blood circulation and stimulating collagen and elastin production on the scalp. This treatment is often combined with hair transplantation for optimal results. It should be conducted under the guidance of a specialist doctor. And unlike many other hair treatments, mesotherapy may not be covered by insurance companies. In rare cases, hair mesotherapy is a good option for people who wish to avoid surgery. For more information about this topic, click here:
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